Established in 1970

A Friendly Society

About the ESA

About ESA

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The Electrostatics Society of America (ESA) is a nonprofit professional society devoted to advancing and improving the understanding of electrostatics. It was founded in 1970 when a group of 30 scientists working in electrostatic phenomena was invited by A. D. Moore, Vincent Schaefer, and Bernard Vonnegut to an informal conference to discuss their shared interests. The conference was highly successful, and the participants decided to continue this meeting annually. As a result, the ESA was formally established on August 17, 1970. 

Over the years, the ESA has maintained frequent collaborations with other organizations involved with electrostatic phenomena, including: 

Definition of Electrostatics Adopted by the ESA

Electrostatics is the class of phenomena recognized by the presence of electrical charges, either stationary or moving, and by the interaction of these charges. This interaction occurs solely due to the charges and their positions, not because of their motion. 

ESA Officers


Maciej Noras, University of North Carolina at Charlotte


Vice President

Poupak Mehrani, University of Ottawa



Steve Cooper, Mystic Tan, Inc.


Monayem Mazumder, Saginaw Valley State University

Newsletter Editor

Monayem Mazumder, Saginaw Valley State University


Keith Forward, Cal Poly Pomona

Xuewei Zhang, Texas A&M University Kingsville

Executive Council

Mike Arnold, Callaghan Innovation

Feng Lai, University of Oklahoma

James Chen, University of Buffalo