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2024 ESA Award Nominations are open

February 11, 2024

The ESA is accepting nominations for the following awards:

The ESA Distinguished Service Award recognizes outstanding service to the ESA over an extended period of time, with a demonstrated long-term commitment to the growth and continued well-being of the Society (requirement: 10 years as ESA member).

The ESA Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes outstanding contributions to the field of Electrostatics, as shown by the pervasiveness of the contributions in understanding certain problems or important practical benefits resulting from the work (requirement: 10 years working in the field of Electrostatics).

The ESA Honorary Life Member Award recognizes exceptional contributions to both the ESA and to the field of Electrostatics, sustained over much of a career (requirements: 10 years as ESA member, 20 years working in field of Electrostatics).

The ESA Rising Star Award recognizes significant contributions at an early stage of a career to the field of Electrostatics, Requirements: age of 40 or younger, but cannot be a student).

The ESA Entrepreneur Award recognizes companies and/or individuals that implement electrostatics- related technologies and are recognized as having a meaningful impact in the industry and/or academia.

The Teacher of the Year Award recognizes outstanding teachers who use Electrostatics to stimulate learning, inspire students, or otherwise encourage and energize the learning process in a formal educational setting in grades K-12 (requirement: 3 years teaching Electrostatics).

The Student of the Year Award recognizes middle or high school students who demonstrate outstanding achievement in Electrostatics, as showcased in laboratory projects, papers or presentations.

The ESA is also accepting nominations for induction to the Electrostatic Hall of Fame. This honor recognizes and records for posterity those individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to the field of Electrostatics. Nominees do not need to be still living. The Hall of Fame has three categories: (1) advancement of the fundamental knowledge of Electrostatics; (2) promotion of interest in the field of Electrostatics; (3) innovations using Electrostatics technology in industry.

The list of the award recipients is available at Nominations should be submitted electronically to the ESA Awards Chair, Prof. Maciej Noras at, by May 1, 2024. The nomination should be in the form of a letter from an ESA member that includes a description of how the accomplishments of the nominee satisfy the award requirements (including citations of publications or patents when relevant), the contact information of the nominator and nominee, and the names and contact information of 3 other ESA members who endorse the nomination. For the Teacher and Student awards, endorsements from two faculty members of the nominee’s institution should substitute for the ESA member endorsements.

Please note that many of these awards do not require the nominee to be the ESA member.

Thank you in advance for all the submissions



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