2010 Annual Meeting
of the ESA

June, x-y, 2010

University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Proceedings of the 2018 Electrostatics Joint Conference

June 17-20, 2018
Boston University

Technical Program

Conference Chair: Mark Horenstein, Boston University
Technical Program Chair:
Shubho Banerjee, Rhodes College

A. Atmospheric and Space Applications

A1. Keynote Lecture: Sow Mamadou, G. Dougniaux, S. Peillon, C. Grisolia, A. Autricque, P. Lemaitre, S. Bourrous, F. Gensdarmes, Self-charging of radioactive dust and its bearing for nuclear safety. 

A2. Invited Lecture: Christine Hartzell, Introduction to electrostatic dust motion on small planetary bodies.

A3. Hashira Yamamoto, H. Yamamoto, T. Kuroki, H. Fujishima, M. Okubo, Pilot-scale NOx and SOx aftertreatment using a two-phase ozone and chemical injection in glass-melting-furnace exhaust gas.

A4. Carlos I. Calle , C. R. Buhler, M. D. Hogue, M. R. Johansen, P. J. Mackey, J. Phillips III, J.S.
Clements, Mitigation of electrostatic hazards in spacecraft.

A5. Bing Guo, Wasim Javed, Ahmad Al-Kuwari, Effect of voltage rise time on the efficiency of an electrodynamic dust shield device using trapezoidal waveform.

A6. Annie A. R. Bernard Cristian Morales, Graham Silva, Ryan Eriksen, Mark N. Horenstein, Malay K. Mazumder, How does sand get unipolar charge in an Electrodynamic Screen (EDS)?

A7. Shubho Banerjee, Yi Song, Blake Wilkerson, Electrostatics of unequal sized conducting spheres.

B.Materials Processing and Behavior I

B1. Invited Lecture: Zachary Cordero, Causes and consequences of powder bed charging in electron-beam additive manufacturing.

B2. Frantisek Mach, Crucial factors of plastic mixtures separation in free-fall electrostatic separator: simulation and experimental testing.

B3. Keith Forward, Heat and mass transport in the electrospinning process.

B4. S. Touhami, Wessim Aksa, M. F. Boukhoulda, T. Zeghloul, K. Medles, Lucian Dascalescu, Amar Tilmatine, Analysis of the trajectory of insulating particles in a free fall electrostatic separator equipped with four cylindrical electrodes.

B5. Arash Sayyah, Martin Z. Bazant, Yi Jiang, An experimental study on the electrostatic projection of particles in production of coated abrasive articles.

B6. Michael Grinfeld, Pavel Grinfeld, Towards the Kelvin formula of forces acting on polarized bodies.

C.Contact Charging and Triboelectric Effects I

C1. Bogdan-Marian Neagoe, Thami Zeghloul, Yopa Prawatya, Lucian Dascalescu, Analysis of electrically charged polymer surfaces effect on friction coefficient in lubricated sliding contacts.

C2. Robert A. Morse, Teaching electrostatics in introductory physics: Real values and a really useful notation.

C3. Daniel J. Breton, Emily Asenath-Smith, Nathan J. Lamie, Dynamic triboelectrification of gas-solids flows in metallic tubes.

C4. Thiago A. L. Burgo , Bruno C. Batista, Fernando Galembeck, Elastoelectricity of elastomers: Mechanical-to-electrical energy conversion.

C5. Adam L. Collins , Rhyan S. B. Ghosh, Seth J. Putterman, Triboelectrification of single crystals as a function of orientation and surface reconstruction.

C6. Isaac Greber, Andrew Wang, John C. Angus, Charge transfer between chemically identical solids: Modeling and experimental studies.

C7. Adriaan Riet, Mamadou Sow, Qizan Chen, Daniel J. Lacks, Modeling of coulombic adhesive forces on a charged particle near a grounded, conducting plane.

D. Contact Charging and Triboelectric Effects II

D1. Rhyan S. B. Ghosh , Adam L. Collins, Seth J. Putterman, Towards a single crystal triboelectric series.

D2. Fahad Chowdhury, Manjil Ray, Andrew Sowinski, Poupak Mehrani, Alberto Passalacqua, A particle collision apparatus to study the magnitude and direction of charge transfer between two colliding particles

D3. Gontran Richard, Ahlem Benabderrahmane, Karim Medles, Lucien Dascalescu, Thami
Zeghloul, Influence of dielectric barrier discharge treatment on the triboelectric charging and the electrostatic separation of plastic particles.

D4. Manjil Ray, Fahad Chowdhury, Andrew Sowinski, Poupak Mehrani, Alberto Passalacqua, Numerical modeling of electrostatic effects in monodisperse polyethylene particles in a bubbling fluidized bed.

D5. Dylan Carter, Christine Hartzell, Measurements of granular tribocharging by high-speed videography.

D6. Milad Taghavivand, Andrew Sowinski, Poupak Mehrani, Study of electrostatic charge generation of powders during pneumatic conveying.

E. Electrically-Induced Flows and Electrokinetics I

E1. Keynote Lecture: Christophe Louste, Fundamentals and applications for electrohydrodynamics.

E2. Chaoao Shi, Kazimierz Adamiak and G. S. Peter Castle, Numerical study of the extended DBD for flow control.

E3. Masaaki Okubo, Fluid dynamic analysis of electrostatic precipitators and ionized flows.

E4. Juan-Martin Cabaleiro, Thierry Paillat, Guillermo Artana, Gerard Touchard, Flow electrification in turbulent flows of liquids - Comparison of two models.

E5. Masahito Nishikawara, Ryo Yoneda, Hideki Yanada, Takeshi Miyakita, Kenichiro Sawada, Temperature dependence of the characteristics of an electrohydrodynamic pump with plate-bar electrodes.

E6. Maciej A. Noras, Wesley B. Williams, Modeling turbulent injection of electrically charged dielectric droplets.

E7. Michal Talmor, Christophe Louste, Jamal Seyed-Yagoob, PIV flow field measurements of electro-hydrodynamic conduction pumping.

F. Electrically-Induced Flows and Electrokinetics II

F1. Vladimir Chirkov, Aleksandr Lashko, Marina Reznikova, Albert Gazaryan, Numerical and experimental investigation of water droplet electrical coalescence and non-coalescence.

F2. Po-Hao Wang, Tsrong-Yi Wen, Experimental study of pressure and flow rate of wire-to-rod ionic wind pumps.

F3. Eric Moreau, Patrick Braud, Etienne Defoort, Nicolas Benard, EHD flow produced by positive and negative point-to-plate corona discharges.

F4. Ayyoub Zouaghi, Noureddine Zouzou, Lucian Dascalescu, Analysis of fine dielectric particles behavior in a traveling wave electric field.

F5. Aaron Griffin, Adam Henson, Michael S. June, Design of experiments to optimize geometric parameters for an electro-hydrodynamic air moving device.

F6. Albert Gazaryan, Vladimir Chirkov, Numerical and experimental investigation of flow-type electrohydrodynamic mixer.

G. Biological and Medical Applications I

G1. W. Balachandran, Potential of emerging electrostatic technologies for bio-medical and environmental applications.

G2. J. Kristof, H. Miyamoto, M. Blajan, K. Shimizu, Effect of plasma on structure and permeability of epidermal layer of pig skin.

G3. Elisabetta Sieni, Paolo Sgarbossa, Fabrizio Dughiero, Michele Forzan, Paolo Di Barba, Maria Evelina Mognaschi, Tejasvi Parupudi, Lakshya Mittal, Ignacio G. Camarillo, Raji Sundararajan, Effect of tissue inhomogeneity on Electric field intensity for electrochemotherapy treatment.

G4. Panik Moradian, Bianca Cruz, Nina Abramzon, Keith M. Forward, Surface adhesion effects of PMMA (Poly(methyl methacrylate)) of medical grade UHMWPE (Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) after cold plasma treatment.

G5. Tejasvi Parupudi, Allen L. Garner, Raji Sundararajan, Electrical impedance as a biomarker for brain tumors.

G6. Suramya Mihindukulasuriya, Shesha Jayaram, Release of electrode materials during the processing of liquid foods using in pulse electric field treatment.

H. Biological and Medical Applications II

H1. Mochen Li, Raji Sundararajan, Application of machine learning algorithms on breast cancer dataset.

H2. Raji Sundararajan, Lakshya Mittal, Vishak Raman, V. Gowri Sree, S. Hemalatha, R. Rajaprabu, Arutselvan Natarajan, Ignacio G. Camarillo, Turmeric herbal electro-chemo-therapy for metastatic triple negative breast cancer.

I. Breakdown Phenomena and Discharges

I1. Manuel Martinez-Sanchez, Carmen Guerra-Garcia, Ngoc Cuong Nguyen, Jaime Peraire, Minimal model of a positive glow corona and its transition to streamers.

I2. Deepthi Antony, G. S. Punekar, N. K. Kishore, Improvements in an iterative method for localization of Partial discharge source in oil insulation.

I3. Pengfei Xu, Bo Zhang, Jinliang He, Shuiming Chen, Dynamic corona characteristics of falling water droplet on a conductor-to-ground electrode with AC voltage applied.

I4. Gaohui He, Qin Hu, Lichun Shu, Xingliang Jiang, Dauchuan Yang, Raji Sundararajan, Influence of rime ice severity on conductor audible noise characteristics of positive corona discharge.

J. Gas Discharges and Microplasmas

J1. Keynote Lecture: Hak-Joon Kim, Yong-Jin Kim, Chang-Gyu Woo, Bangwoo Han, Novel air cleaning technologies for indoor air quality using electrostatic precipitation with near-zero ozone generation.

J2. Tomoya Mitsui, Akinori Zukeran , Koji Yasumoto, Takashi Nakano, Koyu Tsubouchi, Takashi
Ogawa, Prevention of back corona eischarge in an electrostatic precipitator using asymmetrical rectangular AC voltage.

J3. Takuya Kuwahara, Keiichiro Yoshida, Tomoyuki Kuroki, Kenichi Hanamoto, Kazutoshi Sato, Masaaki Okubo, Pilot-scale combined reduction of accumulated particulate matter and NOx using nonthermal plasma for marine diesel engine.

J4. Daniel Martin, Nazli Turan, Paul Rumbach, David B. Go, Measuring the radius of the plasma at the plasma-liquid interface in a pulsed-current, DC discharge.

J5. Tomoyuki Kuroki, Manabu Nakamura, Keita Hori, Masaaki Okubo, Effect of monomer concentration on adhesive strength of PTFE film in atmospheric plasma graft-polymerization process.

J6. Takashi Ikehata, Ruida Bao, Tomotaka Kijima, Naoyuki Sato, Static elimination of charged objects in vacuum by pulsed glow plasma.

J7. Yoshio Higashiyama, Takuya Nakajima, Toshiyuki Sugimoto, Decay time of current pulse by disruption of Taylor-cone formed at a capillary electrode under DC field.

K. Measurements and Instrumentation

K1. Kazuki Numayama, Toshiyuki Sugimoto, Koichi Taguchi, Non-contact surface resistivity tester for materials from 106 to 1011 Ω.

K2. Philippe Molinié, Return voltage as a dielectric characterization tool.

K3. Haskar Houari, Miloua Farid, Oualid Imene, Ouari Abbes, Tilmatine Amar, High-voltage control of an electrostatic precipitator by automatic motorized potentiometer (Amp). In-situ measurement of the surface potential of the pollution layer.

M. Safety and Hazards

M1. Keynote Lecture: Atsushi Ohsawa, Unified expressions of the charges transferred by brush discharges and of the onset criterion of propagating brush discharges on charged insulating coats and liners.

M2. Keiichiro Yoshida, Aftertreatment of carbon particle emitted by diesel engine using combination of corona and dielectric barrier discharge.

M3. N. K. Kishore , Harimurugan D., G. S. Punekar, Arrangement of conductors in a 220 kV double circuit line to reduce e-fields in view of public exposure.

M4. D. Harimurugan, G. S. Punekar, N. K. Kishore, Electric field and exposure time in a EHV substation near a bay-equipment: concerning ICNIRP guidelines.

M5. Takashi Miura, A study of the tribo-electrification reduction efficiency of argon-nitrogen mixtures due to micro-gap discharge at atmospheric pressure.

M6. Ted Dangelmayer, Presentation/demonstration: ESD field measurement pitfalls; Voltage suppression.

M7. Kelly Robinson, Recommended revisions for NFPA 77 recommended practice on static electricity.

P. Poster Session and Demonstrations

P1. Sara Mantach, Kazimierz Adamiak, A full EHD flow pattern in point-plane corona discharge.
P2. Maria Kezhia D. Rullan, Erik Jensen, Keith M. Forward, Humidity effects on triboelectrification of insulating materials.
P3. Ahlem Benabderrahmane, Thami Zeghloul, Gontran Richard, Karim Medles, Amar Tilmatine, Lucian Dascalescu, Factors influencing tribo-electrification of granular polymers in a coaxial-counter-rotating-cylinders tribo-charger.
P4. Karim Medles, I. Achouri, T. Zeghloul, K. Medles, H. Nouri, L. Dascalescu, Optimal operating point a tribo aero-electrostatic separator with rotating disk electrodes.
P5. M. Maammar, Wessim Aksa , M. F. Boukhoulda, S. Touhami, L. Dascalescu, T. Zeghloul, Numerical simulation of particle trajectories in a multifunctional electrostatic separator.
P6. Akihiro Matsumura, Tatsushi Matsuyama, Kenta Kato, Junich Ida, Electrostatic charging of powder in a metal shaker.
P7. Y. Kisanuki, K. Fukuda, Y. Makishima, K. Kitabayashi, S. Katsushima, N. Debasher, K. Takashima, A. Mizuno, Corona discharge with bundle of very fine conductive fibers.
P8. Michelle Nassar, Christophe Louste, Anny Michel, Michel Daaboul, Experimental investigation of the variation of HFE electric properties with temperature.
P9. A. K. Batra, B. B. Bohara, J. Mills, Mechanisms of DC and AC conduction in PLZT/paint nanocomposite films.
P10. W. Mike Arnold, Microbial Disinfection using microplasma-generated ozone.
P11. Ouari Abbes, Miloua Farid, Oualid Imene, Djillali Aouimeur, Haskar Houari, Tilmatine Amar, Monitoring of a bag filter by online measurement of the electrical charge of the filter media.
P12. Oualid Imène, Miloua Farid, Ouari Abbès, Flazi Samir, Contribution to the development and
technology of electrostatic precipitator.
P13. Francisco J. Durán-Olivencia, Jamal S. Yagoobi, The effect of substrate curvature on flexible EHD conduction pumping performance: A numerical study.
P14. Olivia Koonce, Nicholas Drane, Michael S. June, 3-D Printed, carbon filled-plastic electrode performance for an electro-hydrodynamic air moving device.
P15. Faisal Aldawsari, Arathi Mohan Sharma, Chitral Angammana, Shesha Jayaram, Investigation of polymer filler interface using dielectric spectroscopy.
P16. T. Jeya Shree, V. Gowri Sree , A. Priyanka, Raji Sundararajan, T. M. Sridhar, Polyphenol grape extract using pulsed electric field for cancer treatment.
P17. Myungjoon Kim, Yong-Jin Kim, Bangwoo Han, Chang Gyu Woo, Hak-Joon Kim, Fine particle removal from a corrosive gas using a two-stage electrostatic precipitator with multiple ion injection type chargers and parallel collection plates.
P18. Aditya Bandopadhyay, N. K. Kishore , Suman Chakraborty, Experimental observation of lateral movement of a sedimenting drop due to a tilted electric field.
P19. Michael Johansen , J. R. Phillips III, J. J. Wang, J. Mulligan, J. S. Clements, C. I. Calle, Electrical characteristics of the mars electrostatic precipitator.
P20. Marius Blajan, Daisuke Nonanka, Jaroslav Kristof, Kazuo Shimizu, Influence of the microplasma actuator electrode configuration on the Induced EHD flow.
P21. Satish Polisetty, Shesha Jayaram, Ayman El-Hag, Classification of different types of discharges in insulation system using acoustic signals.
P22. Thiago A. L. Burgo, Kelly S. Moreira, Leticia O. Ferreira, Fernando Galembeck, Spontaneous electrostatic charging during evaporation at solid-liquid and solid-gas interfaces.
P23. Mark Horenstein, Design of an ultra-sensitive electric-field sensor using digital signal processing.
P24. Liangliang Li, Baoquan Liu, Xin Gao, Quanzhen Liu, Study on electrostatic hazard and prevention in Polyester granules packing process.
P25. Cuong Nguyen, Carmen Guerra Garcia, Manuel Martinez-Sanchez, Jaime Peraire, Simulation of glow corona discharge on airfoils.