2010 Annual Meeting
of the ESA

June, x-y, 2010

University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Proceedings of the 2016 Electrostatics Joint Conference
June 13-16, 2016
Purdue University

Technical Program

Conference Chair: Rajeswari Sundararajan, Purdue University
Technical Program Chair:
Keith Forward, Cal Poly Pomona

A. Contact Charging and Triboelectric Effects I

A1. Keynote Lecture: Heinrick, Contact charging in a single component systems

A2. Yuki Osada, Charge accumulation process of a single ceramic particle due to successive impacts.

A3. Dylan Carter, Christine Hartzell, A model of granular tribocharging for dielectric mixtures with continuous size distributions.

A4. Xiaozhou Shen, Andrew W. Wang, R. Mohan Sankaran, Daniel J. Lacks, Contact charging between single-crystal oxides from first principles electronic structure calculations and experiments. 

A5. Sara Messal, Abdelkader Mekhaleff, Karim Medles, Thami Zeghloul and Lucian Dascalesce, Factors that influence the efficiency of a tribo-aero-electrostatic separator for finely-grinded matter. 

B. Atmospheric and Space Applications 

B1. C.I. Calle and P.J. Mackey, The electrostatic environment at the international space station.

B2. M. Reznikov, Further progress in the electrostatic nucleation of water vapor.

B3. Hiroyuki Kawamoto, Megumi Kato and Masato Adachi, Electrostatic transport of regolith particles for sample return mission from asteroids.

B4. Shubho Banerjee, Mason Levy, McKenna Davis, Electrostatic force between two conducting equal-sized charged spheres.

B5. Masato Adachi, Hirofumi Moroka, Hiroyuki Kawamoto, Sachiko Wakabayashi, Takeshi
Particle-size sorting system of lunar regolith using electrostatic traveling wave.

C. Materials synthesis, processing, and behavior

C1. Prakash Kodali,  Use of flat ribbon like electrode geometry to pole PVDF piezoelectrics in solution processing.

C2. Chitral J Angammana, Ryan J Gerakopulos, Shesha H Jayaram, Mass production of nano-composites using electrospinning.

C3. Gontran Richard, Abdelhady Ragab Salama, Karim Medles, Cedric Lubat, Seddik Touhami, Lucian Dascalescu, Electrostatic separation of two types of copper wires from electric cable wastes.

D. Electrically-induced flows and electrokinetics I

D1. Rajorshi Paul, Guttapalli Naveen Kumar, Shubhadeep Mandal, N.K. Kishore , Saurav Pramanik, Suman Chakraborty, Experimental investigation on the electrohydrodynamic motion and shape deformation of a sedimenting drop under uniform alternating electric field.

D2. V.A. Chirkov, E.S. Rodikova, Yu.K. Stishkov, The dependence of the efficiency of electrohydrodynamic heat exchanger on the electric conductivity of liquid.

D3. M. Talmor, L. Yang, T. Larkin, O. Kamat, T. Dancy, J. Seyed-Yagoobi, Flow distribution control in micro-scale via electrohydrodynamic conduction pumping.

D4. Clément Gouriou, Christophe Louste and Philippe Traoré, Influence of seeding particle type on velocity measurements in silicone oil under high voltage.

D4. Keiichiro Yoshida and Ryusuke Sakamoto, Flow generation in a narrow space using dielectric barrier discharge.

E. Breakdown phenomena and discharges I

E1. Michael D. Hogue, Jayanta Kapat, Kareem Ahmed, Rachel E. Cox, Jennifer G. Wilson, Luz M. Calle, Jaysen Mulligan, Dynamic gas flow effects on the ESD of aerospace vehicle surfaces.

E2. Zahirul Hasan Khan, The development of modern discharge electrode in electrostatic precipitation: A systematic review.

E3. Rahul Chakraborty and Subba Reddy B, Performance of silicone rubber insulators under thermal and electrical stress.

E4. Alok Ranjan Verma, Subba Reddy B,Tracking and erosion resistance of silicon rubber samples subjected to environmental conditions.

F. Electrically-induced flows and electrokinetics II

F1. Kang Luo, Jian Wu, Hong-Liang Yi, He-Ping Tan,A lattice Boltzmann method for electric field-space charge coupled problems

F2. S. Modh, C. Gouriou, R. Sosa, M. Daaboul, P. Traore, C. Louste, Electroconvective cavity flows produced by a cylinder/plane electrode geometry

F3. Adrian Ieta, Justin D’Antonio, Marius Chirita, Experimental characterization of EHD thrust from pin emitters

F4.  Robert L. Garris, Maciej A. Noras, Manipulation of electrosprayed dielectric fluids using electric fields


G. Poster Session and Demonstrations                          

G1. W. Mike Arnold,Low-conductivity, high permittivity media for electromanipulation.

G2. Meral Birbir, Eda Yazici, Pinar Caglayan, Yasar Birbir, Richard Alan Goebel, Electric current and antibacterial agent application to inactivate antibiotic resistant enterobactericeae

G3. Amanda M. Loveless, and Allen L. Garner, Calculating field enhancement factor using the boundary element method.

G4. F.J. Durán-Olivencia and Philippe Traoré, A Consistent Fluid Approach (CFA) to model electrical discharges.

G5. John Beach, Bridget Chartrand, and Hugh Gallagher, Quantitative Determination of the Breakdown Field of Air from Van de Graaff Generator Discharge.

G6. Abdelkader Mekhalef, Sara Messal, Karim Medles, Thami Zeghloul, Lucian Dascalescu, A propeller-type tribocharger for granular plastics mixtures

G7. Yoshiaki Ota, Tatsushi Matsuyama, Junichi Ida, Hideo Yamamoto, Charge relaxation property of PFA films in contact charging.

G8. P.A.Vázquez, A.T. Pérez, P. Traoré, J. Wu, Non-linear numerical study of 2D electroconvection between parallel plates.

G9. Philippe Traoré, Jian Wu, Alberto T. Pérez, Pédro A. Vázquez, Christophe Louste, Numerical investigation of electroconvection induced by strong induced unipolar injection between two rotating coaxial cylinders.

G10. Justin D'Antonio, Bibash Kc, Marius Chirita, and Adrian Ieta, Assessing EHD thrust using rotational motion

G11. Sachin Modh, Christophe Louste, Philippe Traoré, Parametric study of an electrohydrodynamic conduction pump with a washer-type geometry.

G12. Koichi Kurita, Detection method for contact electrification based on electrostatic induction.

G13. Toshiyuki Sugimoto, Takuya Aoki,Measurement of wettability for polymer materials using non-contact surface resistivity measurement.

G14. J. Roine, M. Murtomaa, J. Salonen, Influence of electrospraying parameters on microcapsule properties in dual-capillary electroencapsulation - a case study using the Taguchi robust design method.

G15. Outi Alanen, Matti Murtomaa, Jarno Salonen, Thermosensitivity of coaxial electrospun PEG-HPMC/tricaprin fibers.

G16. Abdeldjalil Reguig, Abdelber Bendaoud, Peyman Dordizadeh, Lucien Dascalescu, Experimental and numerical study of corona discharge generated by a wire-type dual electrode located between parallel grounded strips.

G17. Cynthia Montanez, Andy Quan, Jennifer Lopez, Sam White, Keith Forward, Triboelectrification of insulators in low humidity environments.

G18. B. Vail Cook, Luke Gibson, Matthew Galazzo, Joshua Yamaguchi, Keith Forward, Development of ceramic metal oxide membranes by means of reactive electrospinning.

G19. G. Sivakumar, Gowri Sree, Viswanathan Jothi, and Raji Sundararajn, Application of high voltage pulse for mushroom cultivation

G20. Anand Valdlamani, Jie Zhuang, Juergen F. Kolb, Allen L. Garner, Biological cell dielectric property variation with temperature.

H. Electrospinning

H1. George G Chase, Applications of electrical fields in chemical processes.

H2. Keith M. Forward, Role of heat and mass transfer in electrospinning.

H3. Chitral J. Angammana, Ryan J. Gerakopulos, Shesha H. Jayaram, Rheological, electrical and thermal properties of enhanced epoxy/silica composites.

H4. Yuguang Ge, David Rodriguez, Araz Boghozian, Chris W. Draper, Jose D. Jimenez, Menooa Zohrabian, Lihua Zhang and Yong X. Gan, Hyperthermia property of aligned composite nanofibers.

H5. Jeremy M. Mortrud, James M. Roska, Patrick S. Hogan, Harjot S. Gill, Gevork Kazaryan, and Keith M. Forward, Free surface electrospun polyvinylidene fluoride membranes for direct contact membrane distillation.


I. Biological and medical applications

I1. Moved to different session

I2. Anh Lam, Jeremy Lewis, Grace Machado, Michelle Miner, Cuong Nguyen and Keith M. Forward, Free Surface Electrospinning of Microemulsions Containing Vitamin E.

I3. Vishak Raman, Vishveswaran Jothi, Ignacio Camarillo, and Raji Sundararajan, Electroporation-based enhanced anticancer effect of Veliparib on triple negative breast cancer cells.

I4. Kazuo Shimizu, An Nhat Tran, Kristof Jaroslav, Marius Gabriel Blajan, Investigation of atmospheric microplasma for improving skin permeability.

I5. Hak-Joon Kim, Bangwoo Han, Chang-gyu Woo, Yong-Jin Kim, Gi-Taek Lim and Weon Gyu Shin, Air cleaning performance of a novel electrostatic air purifier using activated carbon fiber filter for passenger cars.

J. Contact charging and triboelectric effects II

J1. Isaac Greber and John C. Angus, Parametric study of size and surface effects on surface concentrations of thermally excited charge carriers.

J2. Ladislav Konopka, Simon Jantaa, Juraj Kosek, Triboelectric charging of polyethylene powders: experimental and modeling study.

J3. Fahad Chowdhury, Andrew Sowinski, Alberto Passalacqua and Poupak Mehrani, CFD simulation of charge generation due to single particle contact

J4. Victor Lee and Heinrich M. Jaeger, Using acoustic levitation to study tribocharging of sub-millimeter particles.

K. Electrically-induced flows and electrokinetics III

K1. Eric Moreau and Nicolas Benard, Electrohydrodynamic phenomena in atmospheric discharges : application to airflow control by plasma actuators.

K2. David Crowell, Annie Bernard, Carlos Coutinho, Alecia Driffin, Ryan Eriksen, Mark Horenstein, and Malay Mazumder, Electrostatic charging of particles by electrodynamic screens.

K3. Paul Leblanc, Thierry Paillat, Juan Martin Cabaleiro and Gérard Touchard, Flow electrification investigated under the effect of the wall shearing stress.

K4.Yoshio Higashiyama, Chou Tae Yeong and Toshiyuki Sugimoto, Enhancement of liquid flow in a water droplet located on a super-hydrophobic surface during resonant vibration by unbalanced-electric field.

L. Gas discharges and micro-plasmas I

L1. Kazuo Shimizu, Saho Muramatsu, Kristof Jaroslav and Marius Blajan, Analysis of hexadecane decomposition by atmospheric microplasma.

L2. Yunxiao Cao, Zhiqiang Wang, Jinjun Wang, Guofeng Li, Experimental study on magnesite and mineral components electrostatic separation methods.

L3. M. Okubo, H. Yamada, K. Yoshida, T. Kuroki, Simultaneous reduction of diesel particulate and NOX using catalysis combined nonthermal plasma reactor.

M. Contact charging and triboelectric effects III

M1. Joshua S. Méndez Harper, Josef Dufek, The effects of granular dynamics on the triboelectric charging of volcanic ash: Experiments and numerical simulations.

M2. T. A. L. Burgo, and F. Galembeck, The Role of mechanistic and interfacial events in electrified liquids and aerosols.

M3. Juan-Martin Cabaleiro, Thierry Paillat, Guillermo Artana, Gerard Touchard,Flow electrification in rectangular channels - Comparison of different theoretical models.

M4. Andrew E. Wang, Daniel J. Lacks, and R. Mohan Sankaran, Triboelectric charging studies of single crystal insulators.

M5. Shiquan Lin, Shiyu Hu, Tianmin Shao, A method to measure the surface state distribution of insulators by KPFM.

N. Gas discharges and micro-plasmas II

N1. Tomoyuki Kuroki, Nanoparticle removal and exhaust gas cleaning using a gas-liquid interfacial nonthermal plasma.

N2. N. Manivannan, G. Agozzino, W. Balachandran, M. Abbod, D. Brennen and F. Di Natale, NO Abatement using microwave micro-plasma generated using granular activated carbon.

N3. Abbas Semnani, Sergey Macheret, and Dimitrios Peroulis,Plasma-based reconfigurable RF electronics.

N4. Atsushi Katatani, Hiroshi Hosono, Hikaru Murata, Yuki Iizuka, Hiroshi Yahata and Akira
Mizuno, Electrostatic precipitator using weak corona discharge generated by carbon fiber flocking electrodes.

N5. Rui Xu, Paul Rumbach, David B. GoElectroreduction of CO2 (aq) with an atmospheric-pressure plasma cathode.

O. Measurements and instrumentation

O1. Sean Heintzelman, Self-adjusting Quasi-static Electric-field Sensor.

O2. Dipl.-Ing. Hartmut Berndt, Electrostatics discharge (ESD): Sources of electrostatic charge in a production line (SMT); measurement of chargebility.

O3. Janne Peltonen, Matti Murtomaa, Jarno Salonen,Solving the radius and position of a passing charged sphere using a coaxial probe.

O4. Arnold Steinman, Mitigating electrostatic effects on manufacturing processes and measurement accuracy.

O5. N. K. Kishore and Gururaj S. Punekar, On designing of a high voltage standard capacitor using a semi-analytical field computation method.

P. Electrically-induced flows and electrokinetics IV

P1. Albert Gazaryan, Andrei Sitnikov, Vladimir Chirkov, Yury StishkovA method for estimation of functional dependence of injection charge formation on electric field strength.

P2. Jian Wu, Philippe Traor, Perdo A. Vázquez, Alberto T. Pérez, Numerical simulation of electro-thermo-convection in a dielectric liquid lying between two between two eccentric cylinders.

P3. Z. Ramshani, Michael J. Johnson, Massood Z. Atashbar, David B. Go, A self-pumping, low-voltage piezoelectricallydriven electrospray.

P4. Katsuo Sakai, Asecond trial for the new electrostatic generator.

Q. Gas discharges and micro-plasmas III

Q1. Kazunori Takashima, Hirofumi Kurita, Hachiro Yasuda, and Akira Mizuno,Application of atmospheric pressure plasma in environmental remediation and medicine.

Q2. Takashi Miura, Effect of gas species and pressures on relaxation of triboelectricity due to microgap discharge.

Q3. Peyman Dordizadeh, K Adamiak, GSP Castle, Investigation of the impact of the photoionization on negative and positive corona discharges.

R. Breakdown phenomena and discharges II

R1. Amanda M. Loveless Allen L. Garner, Predicting breakdown voltage for microscale and nanoscale gaps as a function of pressure.

R2. A. Ohsawa, Akinetic model of spark discharge breakdown.

R3. Shakthi Prasad D. and Subba Reddy B., Study on corona activity using image processing approach.

S. Safety and hazards

S1. Kelly Robinson, Assessing passive static dissipators

S2. Swaroop Kishan Singh, G S Punekar, N K Kishore, Electric field distribution in an EHV substation: A Case study.

T. Electrically-induced flows and electrokinetics V

T1. Hak-Joon Kim, Bangwoo Han, Chang-Gyu Woo, Yong-Jin Kim, Electrical and particle collection performance of an novel ESP with indirect charging method for corrosive and explosive gas cleaning.

T2. Michal Talmor, Lei Yang, Thomas R. Larkin, Omesh K. Kamat, Tobin J. Dancy, Jamal Seyed- Yagoobi, Flow Distribution control in microscale via electrohydrodynamic conduction pumping.

T3. Ishnath Pathak,

A concept of absolute polarization in dielectrics