2010 Annual Meeting
of the ESA

June, x-y, 2010

University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Proceedings of the 2014 ESA Annual Meeting on Electrostatics
June 17-19, 2014
University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN

Conference Chair: David Go, University of Notre Dame
Technical Program Chair: Poupak Mehrani, University of Ottawa

A. Contact Charging and Triboelectric Effects I

A1. Peter M. Ireland, Oblique Single-particle Impact Charging – The effect of Normal and Tangential Forces.

A2. T. A. L. Burgo, G. Ramirez, O. L. Eryilmaz and A. Erdemir, Tribocurrent-like Friction Force at a Metal-Insulator Interfaces.

A3. M.R. Johansen, J.R. Phillips III, J.D. Kelley, P.J. Mackey, E. Holbert, J.S. Clements and C.I. Calle, A Feasibility Study of The Wheel Electrostatic Spectrometer.

A4. Ayako Murakami, Hideyuki Yamamoto, Tatsushi Matsuyama, Junichi Ida and Hideo Yamamoto, Direct Measurement of Potential Difference Between Two Surfaces in a Process of Contact and Separation.

A5. Isaac Greber and John C. Angus, Thermal Excitation of Charge Carriers: Effect on Charge Transfer Between Particles of Different Size.

A6. Shiyu Hu, Yuanyue Zhang and Tianmin Shao, Study of Electrostatic Potential Induced by Friction.


B. Electrically-Induced Flows and Electrokinetics

B1. Mohammadreza Ghazanchaei, Kazimierz Adamiak and G.S. Peter Castle, Predicted Flow Characteristics of a Wire-nonparallel Plate Type Electrohydrodynamic Gas Pump Using the Finite Element Method.

B2. Jeremy W. Stark, Julius Yellowhair, Vicente Colmenares, Noah Hudelson, Hannah Gibson, Arash Sayyah, Mark Horenstein and Malay Mazumder, Optimization of Electro-optic Systems for Self Cleaning Photovoltaic Panels and Concentrated Solar Reflectors.

B3. Katsuo Sakai, A First Trial for the New Electrostatic Generator that Will Solve the CO2 Problem.

B4. Osameh Ghazian, Kazimierz Adamiak and G. S. Peter Castle, Interaction between Two, Stationary or Impacting, Electrically Charged Droplets.

B5. A. Ieta, J. Cesta, M. Chirita, T. Liguori, G. Donastor, J. D’Antonio, W. Resch, JOBB Mendes De Almeida, I. Waszczynski and G.R. Santos, Experimental Corona Wind Profiles.

B6. John Hudelson, Jeremy Stark and Vicente Colmenares, Optimization of Electrode Geometry for Designing Electrodynamic Screens Integrated on Solar Mirrors with Maximum Electrostatic Forces for Dust Removal with Minimal Specular Reflection Losses.


C. Biological and Medical Applications I

C1. Matthew Lee, Jeffrey T. Miller, Alexis G. Goebel and Keith M. Forward, Free Surface Electrospinning of Microemulsions Containing Vitamin E.

C2. Vickram Lakhian and Sarah E. Dickson, Reduction of Nitrate Ions Using Aqueous Phase Corona Discharge.

C3. Sathish Eswaramoorthy, N. Sivakumaran and Raji Sundararajan, Simulation of Electric Field Distribution and Depth of Electrodes Placed in Cancer Tissues.

C4. W. Lin, C. Cooper, I. Camarillo, L.M. Reece, L. Clah, A. Natarajan, L. G. Campana and R. Sundararajan, The Effectiveness of Electroporation-based Nanocurcumin and Curcumin Treatment on Human Breast Cancer Cells.

C5. Sri Harsha V, Junxing Shi and Raji Sundararajan, Electric Field Distribution in Brain Tumors Due to Various Electrode Geometries.

C6. K. Elavarasi, FDCT-MST based Poison Noise Removal in Biomedical Images.


D. Measurements and Instrumentation I

D1. Matti Murtomaa, Janne Peltonen and Jarno Salonen, One-step Measurements of Powder Resistivity as a Function of Moisture.

D2. Maciej A. NorasElectric Field Detection Using Solid State Variable Capacitance.

D3. Ghanshyam H. Jadhav, On Asymmetric Electric Force: Deflection of a Magnetic Needle in a Static Electric Field which Varies in the Direction Perpendicular to its Polarization.

D4. Michael S. June, James Kribs and Kevin M. Lyons, Integrated Ionic Flow Device and Heat Sink as a Fan Sink Alternative.

D5. Nilton O. Renno, The Charge Tracker.


E. Gas Discharges and Microplasmas

E1. Sung-Jin Park and J. Gary Eden, Science and Technology of Microplasmas and Their Impact on Applications.

E2. Michael Johnson and David B. Go, Pyroelectric Driven Atmospheric Pressure Gas Discharges.

E3. Peyman Dordizadeh, Kazimierz Adamiak and G.S. Peter Castle, Factors Affecting the Modeling of Trichel Pulses in Needle-Plane Configuration.

E4. J. Cole and R.M. Sankaran, Mass Spectrometry Studies of Hydrocarbon Dissociation in Atmospheric Pressure Microplasma.


F. Contact Charging and Triboelectric Effects II

F1. Tatsushi Matsuyama, Masayuki Imba, Mojtaba Ghadiri, Junichi Ida and Hideo Yamamoto, A Modeling of Electrostatic Charging of Particles in a Shaker with DEM.

F2. Eli Van Cleve, Benjamin Lucas, Zach Gamlieli, Mark Valentine, Eric Wong, David Kamkar, Gilberto Jimenez, Pedro Cortes, Nikhil Mehta, Justen Harper, Jon Fong and Carlos Camara, A Triboelectric X-ray Source.

F3. L. Xie, P.F. He, J. Zhou and D. J. Lacks, Correlation of Contact Deformation with Contact Electrification of Identical Materials.

F4. Andrew E. Wang, Daniel J. Lacks and R. Mohan Sankaran, Contact Charging between Surfaces of Quartz (0001) and Sapphire (0001) – An Experimental Investigation.

F5. Adrian Samuila, Mihai Bilici, Vasile Ilies and Lucien Dascalescu, Design and Test of a Novel Fluidized-bed Two-insulated-rolls-type Tribo-aero-electrostatic Separator for Granular Plastics.

F6. Di Song and Poupak Mehrani, Comparison of Particles Charge Distribution within a Pilot-scale Gas-solid Fluidized Bed Operated at Atmospheric Versus High Pressure.

F7. Lia Beraldo da Silveira Balestrin, Douglas Soares da Silva and Fernando Galembeck, Triboelectricity in Insulators: Further Evidence for a Mechanochemical Mechanism.


G. Atmospheric and Space Applications

G1. R. Giles Harrison, Fair Weather Atmospheric Electricity: its Origin and Applications.

G2. Sylvia Lüttgens, Günter Lüttgens, Anders Thulin, Thierry Paillat and Gérard Touchard, Electrostatic Charge Evolution of a Falling Droplet Application to Splash Filling.

G3. Karen Aplin, Isobel Houghton, Keri Nicoll, Michael Humphries and Alex Tong, Electrical Charging of Volcanic Ash.

G4. Shubho Banerjee and Mason Levy, Approximate Capacitance Expressions for Two Equal Sized Conducting Spheres.


H. Breakdown Phenomenon and Discharge

H1. Abbas Semnani and Dimitrios Peroulis, High Frequency Gas Breakdown and Microplasma Formation in Evanescent-Mode Cavity Resonators.

H2. H. Osman, K. Adamiak and G.S.P. Castle, Numerical Simulation of the Electric Field Distribution for Electrostatic Powder Coating of Targets with Surface Perturbations.

H3. Paul Rumbach, Yingjie Li, Santiago Martinez, Thibault Twahirwa and David B. Go, Gas Discharge Processes at Micrometer Scales.

H4. Cornelius Louwrens Pieterse, Paul Papka, and Willem J. Perold, Analytical Calculation of Corona Discharge Thresholds for Arbitrary Electrospraying Geometries.


I. Safety and Hazard

I1. Charles G. Noll, Overview of the Work of NFPA 77: Technical Committee on Static Electricity.

I2. Kelly Robinson, Prevent Static Fires in Solvent Coating and Printing.


J. Materials Synthesis Processing and Behavior

J1. Junhong Chen, Vertically-oriented Graphene: Plasma Synthesis and Applications

J2. David Ehre, Belitzky Alik, Eran Mishuk, Meir Lahav and Igor Lubomirsky, High Temperature Ice Nucleation Induced by Pyroelectric Effect in Amino Acids Crystals.

J3. Albert E. Seaver and Brian P. Seaver, Applying Classical Physics and MOC to Predict the Output of a Thermocouple.

J4. S. Ghosh, A. Barnes, R. Yang, P. X. L. Feng, C. A. Zorman and R. M. Sankaran, Soft-plasma Based Micro-patterning of Metals on Polymers: A Novel Direct Write Technology Enabling Single Step Fabrication of Metal Interconnects.

J5. Ryan J. Gerakopulos, Chitral J. Angammana and Shesha H. Jayaram, Effect of Mixing Method on Thermal Properties of Silicone Composites.

J6. Andrea J. Bubendorfer, Bridget Ingham, John V. Kennedy and W. Mike Arnold, Origin of Electrokinetic Variability in Microfluidic Devices Cast on SU-8 Epoxy.


K. Biological and Medical Applications II

K1. Teerarat Likitwattanasade and Sheryl Barringer, Effect of Particle Size and Composition Differences in a Mixture during Nonelectrostatic and Electrostatic Coating.

K2. Sathish Eswaramoorthy, Sivakumaran N and Raji Sundararajan, Classification of Intracranial Electroencephalographic Signals Using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System.

K3. Susana Vargas, Nicholas Roy, Yuriy S. Bazylev, Winny Dong and Keith M. Forward, Anti-bacterial Effectiveness of Casted Films and Electrospun Mats Containing Magnesium Oxide Particles.


L. Measurements and Instrumentation II

L1. Qi Peng, Wang Diansheng, Liu Jing, Chen Yifei and Zhang Haotian, Measurement of Electrical Conductivity of High Insulating Oil Using Charge Decay.

L2. Cornelius Louwrens Pieterse, Paul Papka and Willem J. Perold, Surface Tension Determination Using Electrospray Ionization.


M. General Papers in Electrostatics

M1. Kelly Robinson, Static Dissipator Neutralization Efficiency.

M2. Karen L. Aplin and R. Giles Harrison, Lord Kelvin’s Scottish Atmospheric Electrostatics Measurements.

M3. Jonathan Ngai, Daniel C. Park, Juan A. Rodriguez and Keith M. Forward, Environmental and Hydrophilic Effects on the Triboelectric Charging of Insulator Materials.

M4. Mihai A. Bilici, Joseph R. Toth, R. Mohan Sankaran and Daniel J. Lacks,Triboelectric Charging Through Particle-particle Interactions of Polydisperse Granular Systems.

M5. Ye Tian, Johnny Matta and Poupak Mehrani, Study of the Effect of the Mixture of Two Distinct Sizes of a Polyethylene Resin on the Degree of Fluidized Bed Reactor Electrification and Wall Fouling.

M6. Xiaozhou Shen and Daniel J. Lacks, Contact Charging between Surfaces of Quartz (0001) and Sapphire (0001) - A Theoretical Study.

M7. Kalev Jaakson, Marissa Petersile, Daniel Neumann and Jeremy Stark, Variable Frequency Operation of Electrodynamic Screens for Removing Dust Particles over a Wide Size Range to Maintain High Reflectivity of Solar Mirrors.

M8. Arash Sayyah, Mark N. Horestein and Malay K. Mazumder, The Electrodynamic Screen: Closed-Form Solutions for the Electric Field and Dielectrophoretic Forces.

M9. Malay Mazumder, Mark Horenstein, Jeremy Stark, Atri Roychowdhury, Arash Sayyah and Hannah Gibson, Electrostatic Charging Mechanisms for Dust Layer Deposited on the Surface of Electrodynamic Screen (EDS): Relevance to Self-Cleaning Solar Collectors.

M10. Brittany Bishop, Souvik Ghosh and R. Mohan Sankaran,A Continuous Plasma-liquid Process for Controlled and Large-scale Production of Ag Clusters and Nanoparticles.

M11. Erika Estrada, Ryan Oh, Brian Hensley, Scott West and Keith M. Forward, Free Surface Electrospun Polyvinylidene Fluoride Membranes for Direct Contact Membrane Distillation.

M12. Myriam Paredes, Chitral J. Angammana and Shesha H. Jayaram, Study of the Influence of Filler/Polymer Interfacial Characteristics on Bulk Properties of Silicone Nanocomposite.

M13. J. Cesta, A. Ieta, W. Resch and M. Chirita, Characterization of Thrust Generated in an Electrohydrodynamic Spinner.