2010 Annual Meeting
of the ESA

June, x-y, 2010

University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Proceedings of the 2012 Electrostatics Joint Conference

June 12-14, 2012
Cambridge, ON, Canada

General Chair: Shesha Jayaram, University of Waterloo
Technical Chair: Maciej A. Noras, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

A. Particle control and charging I

A1. Troy Shinbrot, Electrostatic precursors to granular slip events

A2. A Sayyah, J. Stark, T. Abuhamed, W. Weisinger, M. Horenstein, M. K. Mazumder, Energy Yield Loss caused by Dust Deposition in Solar Power Plants

A3. Andrew Sowinski, Khaled Atieh, Poupak Mehrani, Investigation of Electrostatic Charge Distribution of Particles Adhered to the Wall of a Gas-Solid Fluidized Bed

A4. Fatima Rahou, Amar Tilmatine , Mihai Bilici, Lucian Dascalescu, Numerical Simulation of the Continuous Operation of a Tribo-aero-electrostatic Separator for Mixed Granular Solids


B. Materials behavior and processing I

B1. Yuanyue Zhang, Contact electrification between polytetrafluoroethylene and steel

B2. Kazuo Shimizu, Yuta Noma, Marius Blajan, Shigeya Naritsuka, Study on Surface Modification of GaN by Atmospheric Microplasma

B3. Shungo Zen, Yoshiyuki Teramoto, Keisuke Hanawa, Soichi Kobayashi, Ryo Ono, Tetsuji Oda, Surface treatment of dye-sensitized solar cell using dielectric barrier discharge


C. Particle control and charging II

C1. P. Girouard, J. Stark, S. Jung, M. Schmidt, M. N. Horenstein, M. K. Mazumder, Analysis of Size and Electrostatic Charge Distributions of Electrosprayed Droplets

C2. Owen Myers, Junru Wu, Jeffrey Marshall, Chaos in the Electric Curtain

C3. Peter Gefter, Jack Menear, Clean Corona Ionization Technology

C4. Toshiaki Yamamoto, Takahisa Sakurai, Yoshiyasu Ehara, Hitomi Kawakami, Performance Characteristics between Horizontally and Vertically Oriented Electrode EHD ESP for Diesel PM Collection


D. Particle control and charging III

D1. Shuji Matsusaka, Measurement and Control of Particle Tribocharging

D2. Peter M. Ireland, Dynamic particle-surface tribocharging: The role of shape and contact mode

D3. Thiago A. L. Burgo, Kelly R. Francisco, Telma R. D. Ducati, Fernando Galembeck, Sergio E. Galembeck, Identification and stability of macroscopic electrostatic tribocharge patterns formed on PTFE surfaces


E. Atmospheric and space science applications I

E1. Richard Pham, R. Mohan Sankaran, Daniel J. Lacks, Effects of Permanent strain on the electrostatic charging of Teflon                

E2. Indrani Bhattacharyya, Shane P. Dorsey, George E. Ewing, Martin F. Jarrold, Triboelectrification in the Saltation Layer of a Sand Storm

E3. J. Stark, R. Sumner, M. Mucci, P. Girouard, M. N. Horenstein, M. K. Mazumder, Electrodynamic Screen Design for Removing Desert Dust from Solar Panels

E4. R. Sumner, M. N. Horenstein, J. Stark, M. K. Mazumder, Modeling and Experimental Investigations of Force Balance between Particle Adhesion and Repulsion involved in Electrodynamic Screen Operation


F. Particle control & charging IV / Safety & hazards I

F1. Ayumi Kumamoto, Ryo Ono, Tetsuji Oda, Raman spectroscopy of molecule densities in Hydrogen-Air mixture premixed gas ignited by spark discharge

F2. Sidi-Mohamed Remaoun, Amar Tilmatine, Farid Miloua, Nacéra Hammadi, Noureddine Zouzou, Lucien Dascalescu, Optimization of a cost-effective “wire-plate” type ESP for installation in a medical wastes incinerator

F3. Yusuke Nakagawa, Yuta Tomimura, Ryo Ono and Tetsuji Oda, Dilute Trichloroethylene Decomposition by Non-Thermal Plasma–Catalyst and Humidity Effect, and OH Radical Behavior


G. Breakdown and discharge I

G1. Chris Keimel, Metal MEMS: Creating A New Class Of Electrostatically Driven Devices

G2. Radu Beleca, Nadarajah Manivannan, Maysam Abbod, Wamadeva Balachandran, Microwave Induced Plasmas for Marine Diesel Engine Emission Control

G3. Sankarsan Mohapatro, B. S. Rajanikanth, Online NOX Removal from Stationary Diesel Engine Exhaust by Barrier Discharge Plasma


H. Atmospheric & space applications/Breakdown discharge

H1. Gregory T. Delory, Problems and new directions for electrostatics research in the context of space and planetary science

H2. Charles Buhler, Electrostatic Studies for the 2008 Hubble Service Repair Mission

H3. Franklin Robinson, Viral K. Patel, Jamal Seyed-Yagoobi, Jeffrey Didion, Terrestrial and Micro-gravity Experimental Study of Micro-scale Heat Transport Device Driven by Electrohydrodynamic Conduction Pumping

H4. Nadarajah Manivannan, Ornella Gonzini, Radu Beleca, Maysam Abbod, Wamadeva Balachandran, Studies of Microwave Removal of NOx and SOx from the Exhaust of Marine Diesel Engines Using Non-Thermal Plasma


I. Breakdown and discharge II

I1. Dean Reske, David Swatek, Behzad Kordi, A Study of Electric Breakdown Theory to Model Dielectric Surface Flashover

I2. Adrian Ieta, Zachariah Schrecengost, Marius Chirita, Jacob Mills, Corona Wind Visualization in an Asymmetric Capacitor using Liquid Nitrogen

I3. Mitsuru Tahara, Masaaki Okubo, Detection of Free Radicals Produced by a Pulsed Streamer Corona Discharge in Solution Using Electron Spin Resonance


J. Triboelectrification III

J1. Manoj Sachdev, ESD protection device and circuit design for advanced CMOS technologies

J2. Abdelber Bendaoud, Marius Plopeanu, Karim Medles, Amar Tilmatine, Lucien Dascalescu, Experimental study of corona discharge generated by a triode electrode system

J3. Lise Caillault, Pascal Zehnter, Gilles Maynard, and Tiberiu Minea, Modeling Of Small Gap Electrical Breakdown In Vacuum By Self-Heating Of A Cathode Protrusion


K. Flows, forces and fields I

K1. Janusz Podlinski, A. Berendt, J. Mizeraczyk, Pumping effect measured by PIV method in multi-layer spike electrode EHD device for air cleaning

K2. Seyed Reza Mahmoudi, Kazimierz Adamiak, G.S.Peter Castle, On the Thermodynamic Description of Electrohydrodynamic Flows

K3. G. D. Conanan, F. C. Lai, Performance Enhancement Of Two-Stage Corona Wind Generator In A Circular Pipe


L. Electrostatics at surfaces

L1. Toshiyuki Sugimoto, Kohei Yamaguchi, Yoshio Higashiyama, Detection of paint curing using non-contacting surface resistivity measurement

L2. A. K. M. Monayem H. Mazumder, F. C. Lai, Enhancement in Gas Pumping in a Square Channel with Two-Stage Corona Wind Generator

L3. Michael Reznikov, Paul Wilkinson, Space charge formation in the system with hopping ionic conductivity as the electric power generation at low temperature gradients

L4. Gerard Touchard, Guillermo Artana, Thierry Paillat, Flow Electrification: a way to test the hypothesis of wall slip


M. Measurement and instrumentation I

M1. Mark Horenstein, So What is This Thing Called Electrostatics?

M2. Zohreh Mokhtari, S. Holé, J. Lewiner, Smoke detection by the reduction of corona discharge threshold

M3. Petru Notingher, Stéphane Hole, Sylvain Baudon, Olivier Fruchier, Ludovic Boyer, Serge Agnel, Toward non-destructive high resolution thermal methods for electric charge measurements in solid dielectrics and components


N. Measurement and instrumentation II

N1. Matti Murtomaa, Ermei Mäkilä, Jarno Salonen, One-step method for measuring the effect of humidity on powder resistivity

N2. Tetsuya Kawamoto, Masahiro Watanabe, Junichi Arai, Norimitsu Ichikawa, Research on monitoring technology using induced voltage generated by charged human body

N3. Seiji Kanazawa, Takashi Furuki, Takeshi Nakaji, Shuichi Akamine, Ryuta Ichiki, Measurement of OH Radicals in Aqueous Solution Produced by Atmospheric-pressure LF Plasma Jet

N4. Marius Blajan, Kazuo Shimizu, Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Microplasma in Small Discharge Gaps


O. Flows, forces and fields III

O1. David Go, Direct Current and Alternating Current Electrosprays: The Application of Electrostatics to Chemical Analysis

O2. Mohammadreza Ghazanchaei, K. Adamiak, G.S.P. Castle, Adaptation of Comsol software to the simulation of corona discharge phenomenon

O3. Carlos Lledó Palomo, Lei Yang, Viral K Patel, Jamal Seyed-Yagoobi, Performance Characterization of High-pressure Electrohydrodynamic Conduction Pump

O4. Shanshan Bian, Shesha H. Jayaram and Edward A. Cherney, A Comparison of Thermal Characteristics between Conventional and Electrospun Epoxy Composites


P. Biological and medical applications I

P1. Akira Mizuno, Electrostatics from Nano-Scale to Space

P2. P. Rezai, S. Salam, B. P. Gupta, P. R. Selvaganapathy, Pulse DC Electrotaxis Of Caenorhabditis Elegans in a Microdevice and Its Application in Stimulus-Evoked Neuronal Response Analysis

P3. Ivan Kanev, K. A. DeHaai, A.Z. Van Dyke, J.N. Sanmann, M.M. Hess, L.J. Starr, B.J. Dave, B.J., W.G. Sanger, Are The Structural And Functional Similarities Between The Human Chromosomes And The Electrical Transformer Coincidental?

P4. Osameh Ghazian, K. Adamiak, G. S. P. Castle, Electrohydrodynamic deformation and breakup of an uncharged droplet suspended in an ambient fluid of higher conductivity


Q. Biological and medical applications II / Flows, forces and fields IV

Q1. Maija Nyström, Matti Murtomaa, Jarno Salonen, Effect of drying pressure on pore formation of drug particles produced by electrospraying

Q2. Jennifer K.W. Chesnutt, Jeffrey Marshall, Simulation of Particle Separation on an Inclined Electric Curtain

Q3. Ahmed Gad, Shesha H. Jayaram, Effect of electric pulse parameters on releasing metallic particles from stainless steel electrodes during PEF processing of milk


R. Measurement and instrumentation III

R1. Toshio Uehara, Jumpei Higashio, Yoshito Ashizawa, Arata Tsukamoto, Katsuji Nakagawa, Akiyoshi Itoh, High Spatial Resolution Measurements on Surface Voltage Distribution with Electrostatic Force Microscope

R2. Benjamin B. Rhoades, Sean P. Ramsey, Maciej A. Noras, A Novel Electric-field Sensor for Projectile Detection

R3. Simon Ghionea, David Hull, Characterization Techniques for a MEMS Electric-Field Sensor in Vacuum

R4. Stéphane Holé, G. Villares, L. Begon-Lours, C. Margo, Y. Oussar and J. Lucas, Non-linear Model of Sensitivity Matrix for Electrical Capacitance Tomography


S. Poster session

S1. Zelu Yan, Christophe Louste, Hubert Romat, Characteristics of an EHD impinging dielectric liquid jet in blade-plate geometry

S2. Charles Buhler, Propellantless Propulsion: The conversion of linear field momentum to mechanical momentum

S3. W. Mike Arnold, M. Broom and G.R. Willmott, Bacterial chains signal their transit through a tuneable nanopore

S4. Tomoya Suzuki, Hideaki Hayashi, Yuki Nomura, Hirofumi Kurita, Akira Mizuno, Yuichi Hinata, Kazunori Takashima, Honeycomb discharge generated with a single high voltage power supply for activating catalyst

S5. A.D.Srinivasan, Rajagopala.R, Jagadisha.N, A.Bharghavi, Laboratory Investigation Of Pulse Discharge Based Technique For Engine Exhaust Treatment – Effect Of Exhaust Nature And Operating Conditions

S6. Yoshio Higashiyama, Takuya Shiori, Negative Corona Discharge from a Viscous Water Droplet

S7. Subba Reddy B., Udaya Kumar, Debasish Nath, Correlation between corona current and radio interference due to high voltage insulator string

S8. Albert E. Seaver, Tribocharging and the Finite Thickness Interface

S9. Katsuo Sakai, What Is The Energy Of An Electric Field?

S10. Jonathan Liaw, Lin Zhao, Automatic Remote Control and Data Acquisition for Experimental Study of EHD Lifters

S11. Withdrawn

S12. Chitral J. Angammana, Shesha H. Jayaram, A study of free surface electrospinning to enhance and optimize the nanofibre production process

S13. Belaid Tabti, Lucian Dascalescu, Marius Plopeanu, Agela Antoniu, Belkacem Yahiaoui, Ahmed Melahi, Factors That Influence the Negative Corona Charging of Nonwoven Filter Media

S14. Mohamed Miloudi, Karim Medles, Amar Tilmatine, Lucian Dascalescu, Optimisation of belt-type electrostatic separation of tribo-aerodynamically charged granular plastic mixtures

S15. Mamadou Sow, R. Mohan Sankaran and Daniel J. Lacks, Material strain can control the direction of charge transfer during contact charging process

S16. Larry Levit, Geoff Weil, A Study of the Charge Carrier Population for an Electrically Assisted Polonium 210 Ionizer in Nitrogen

S17. Yacine Oussar, C. Margo, J. Lucas, S Hole, ECT sensor design using machine learning techniques

S18. Ian Pavey, John Chubb, Assessment of the electrostatic suitability of materials

S19. Belkacem Yahiaoui, Mohamed Magharbi, Belaid Tabti, Angela Antoniu, Atallah Smaili, Lucian Dascalescu, Distribution of Electric Potential at the Surface of Corona-Charged Non-woven Fabrics after Neutralization

S20. Shota Yuyama, Norimitsu Ichikawa, Tetsuo Sakamoto, Preventive measures of the tracking fire generated between a home electric outlet and plugs

S21. Kelly Robinson, Variation in Static Dissipation Time with Surface Resistivity

S22. Luiz H. Meyer, Sérgio H. L. Cabral, Gabriel G. Madruga, Coupling Transmission Lines for Wave Shape Adjust in High-Voltage Surge Tests

S23. Niloofar Farnoosh, Robert Allan, Kazimierz Adamiak, 3-D Computational Modeling of Wet Electrostatic Precipitators to Control Submicron Particulate Emissions

S24. Mark C. Zaretsky, Increasing the Charging Capability of a Highly Constrained Corona Charger

S25. Nikola Toljic, P. Castle, K. Adamiak, H. Kuo, C. Fan, A 3D Numerical Model Of The Coating Process With Moving Mesh Capability and Multiple Passes

S26. Jack Menear, Peter Gefter, Jaan Salm, Electrostatics and Airborne Particle Control to Minimize Deposition onto Wafers

S27. Mohamed Fodil Boukhoulda, Mohamed Miloudi, Karim Medles, Mohamed Rezoug, Amar Tilmatine, Lucian Dascalescu, Experimental Modeling of a New Tribo-electrostatic Separation Process for Mixed Granular Polymers

S28. S. Touhami , K. Medles, O. Dahou, A. Tilmatine, A. Bendaoud, L. Dascalescu, Modeling and Optimization of a Roll-Type Electrostatic Separation Process Using Artificial Neural Networks

S29. William D. Greason, Triboelectrification of wood with PTFE

S30. Mohammed El-Mouloud Zelmat, Mohamed Rizouga, Amar Tilmatine, Karim Medles, Mohamed Miloudi, Lucian Dascalescu, Experimental Comparative Study of Different Tribocharging Devices forTriboelectric Separation of Insulating Particles

S31. Wessim Aksa, Karim Medles, Mohamed Rezoug, Mohamed Fodil Boukhoulda, Mihai Bilici, Lucian Dascalescu, Two Stage Electrostatic Separator for the Recycling of Plastics from Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

S32. Atsushi Katatani, H. Hosono, H. Murata, A. Mizuno, Function of an electrostatic precipitator using bipolar corona discharges

S33. Thierry Paillat, Gerard Morin, Gerard Touchard, Yves Bertrand, Olivier Moreau, Alain Tanguy, Electrostatic Hazard in High Power Transformers: Analyze of ten years of the Capacitive Sensor

S34. Atsushi Ohsawa, Comparison of charge neutralisations of conductors and insulators with corona ionisers

S35. Angela Antoniu, Hirofumi Kurita, Tomoko Nakajima, Akira Mizuno, Safety Evaluation of Non-Thermal Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Liquid Treatment

S36. Atsushi Katatani, H. Hosono, H. Murata, A. Mizuno, Collection performance of an electrostatic precipitator using bipolar corona discharges

S37. Michael Reznikov, Phil Williams, Corona discharge in the steam for electrostatically enforced condensation

S38. Zahirul Hasan Khan, Kourosh Zanganeh, Carlos Salvador, Experimental Study of Dielectric Breakdown of Refractory Board Materials for Application in High Temperature Sieving Electrostatic Precipitators