2010 Annual Meeting
of the ESA

June, x-y, 2010

University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Proceedings of the 2011 ESA Annual Meeting on Electrostatics

June 14-16, 2011
Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland OH

General Chairs:
Daniel J. Lacks, Case Western Reserve University
R. Mohan Sankaran, Case Western Reserve University

Technical Chair:
Keith Forward, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

A. Plasma, Breakdown, and Discharge

A1. D. Mariotti. Interfacing Microplasmas and Microplasmas for Nanomaterials Interfaces

A2. J. M. Crowley. The Fair-Weather Atmosphere as a Power Source

A3. L. Levit, D. BeyerGenerating Air Ionization With No Contaminating Particles

A4. Z. Bo, K. Yu, G. Lu, S. Mao, J. Chen. Nanoscale Discharge Electrodes for Greener Corona Discharges: Lower Inception Voltage and Minimized Ozone Emission

A5. J. Wolff, L. Zhao. Low Voltage Transient Plasma Arc Deflection

A6. A. K. M. M. H. Mazumder, F. C. Lai. Two-Stage Electrohydrodynamic Gas Pump in a Square Channel


B. Measurement and Instrumentation

B1. M. A. Noras. Solid State Electric Field Sensor

B2. R. Beleca, M. Abbod, W. Balachandran. Bipolar Charge Measurement of Dipolar Spherical Particles Using Phase Doppler Anemometry

B3. P. Agoramurthy, L. Campana, R. Sundararajan.  Tumor Electric Field Distribution Studies using Various Electrode Configurations

B4. K. Sakai. A Simple Experiment Result that Confirmed Asymmetric Electrostatic Force

B5. F. Zypman. Particle Electrostatic Interactions in Liquids


C. Flows, Forces and Fields

C1. N. Renno. A New Approach to ESD/EOS Protection

C2. A. Gad, S. Jayaram. Electrode Material Migration during Pulsed Electric Fields (PEF) Treatment

C3. I. Pathak. A Generalization of Gauss's Theorem in Electrostatics

C4. G. Jadhav. On Electric Field Produced by a Steady Current of Magnetic Monopoles

C5 C. Buhler. Propellantless Propulsion: The conversion of linear field momentum to mechanical momentum


D. Particle Flow and Charging

D1. M. K. Mazumder, M. N. Horenstein, J. Stark, R. Sumner, P. Girouard, O. Sadder, K. A. Gopalkrishnan. Electrostatic Charging of Particles on Electrodynamic Screens by Low Frequency Electric and Dielectrophoretic Excitations

D2. N. Farnoosh, K. Adamiak, G. S. P. Castle.Performance of a Spiked Electrode-Plate Precipitator for Collecting Submicron Dust Particles

D3. M. Bilici, L. Dascalescu, O. Fati, F. Rahou, M. Miloudi and A Samuila. Experimental Modeling of the Tribo-aero-electrostatic Separation of Mixed Granular Plastics


E. Electroporation and Electrospinning

E1. M.-J. Hsieh, T. Salameh, I. Camarillo, R. Sundararajan. Irreversible Electroporation Effects:A Drug-Free Treatment for Cancer

E2. C. J. Angammana, S. H. Jayaram. A Theoretical Understanding of the Physical Mechanisms of Electrospinning

E3. M. Gevelber, and X. Yan.Process Dynamics and Control Analysis for Electrospinning Nanofibers

E4. K. M. Forward, G. C. Rutledge. Free Surface Electrospinning from a Wire Electrode           


F. Material Applications

F1. S. Barringer, K. Marthina. Confectionary coating using an electrohydrodynamic

F2. A. Ieta, C. Wahl, D. Quill, J. Primrose and J. Moody.  Electrospray Patterns of Oil-Based Ferro-Fluids

F3. S. W. Lee, R. M. Sankaran. Plasma Electrochemical Reduction for Nanomaterial Synthesis and Assembly


H. Triboelectrification I

H1. C.  Liu, and A. Bard. Electrostatic Electrochemistry with Polymers Charged by Contact Electrification

H2. I. Bhattacharyya, S. Dorsey, G. E. Ewing, M. F. Jarrold. Mechanism of Contact Charging of Silica

H3. B. Baytekin, H. T. Baytekin, J. T. Incorvati, B. A. Grzybowski. Chemical Reactions with Contact Electrified Surfaces

H4. S. Piperno, H. Cohen, T. Bendikov, M. Lahav, I. Lubomirsky. Comments on the Concept of Cryptoelectrons on Dielectric Surfaces.

I. Triboelectrification II

I1. P. Santos, T. R. D. Ducati, L. B. S. Balestrin, F. Galembeck. Water with Excess Electric Charge

I2. S. Waitukaitis, G. Castillo, E. Vidal. Direct Measurement of Size Dependent Charging in Chemically Identical Grains

I3. T. Shinbrot. Granular Electrostatics in Industry and Nature

I4. H. T. Baytekin, B. Baytekin, A. Z. Patashinski, B. A. Grzybowski. Material Transfer in Contact Electrification

J. Triboelectrification III

J1. S. Friedle, P. Gumbley, and S. W. Thomas III.Light-Induced Modulation of Contact Electrification with Reactive Polymers

J2. B. Baytekin, H. T. Baytekin, S. Soh, B. A. Grzybowski. Was Thales Right? Role of Water in Contact Electrification

J3. M. Sow, D. J. Lacks, R. M. Sankaran. Effects of Stress on Triboelectric Charging


K. Electrohydrodynamics

K1. L. Koziell, L. Zhao. Experimental Studies of EHD Lifters

K2. S. Balagopal, D. B. Go. Counter-flow Ionic Winds for Localized Hot Spot Cooling

K3. A. K. M. M. H. Mazumder, X. B. Zhao, F. C. Lai. Effects of Grounded Electrodes Size on the Performance of EHD Gas Pump in a Square Channel

K4. S. R. Mahmoudi, K. Adamiak, G.S.P. Castle. Electrohydrodynamic Single-phase Convection Heat Transfer Enhancement Techniques: Direct ionic wind and Vortex induction


Session L. Electrostatics at surfaces

L1.  H. T. Baytekin, A. I. Patashinski, M. Branicki, B. Baytekin, B. A. Grzybowski. The Mosaic of Surface Charge in Contact Electrification

L2. J. C. Angus, V. Chakrapani. Electrochemically Mediated Charge Transfer to Solids in Air

L3. K. Robinson. Improved Measurement of the Apparent and Steady-State DC Surface Resistivity of Sheets and Films

L4. M. W. Williams. Mechanisms of Triboelectric Charging of Insulators, a Coherent Scenario

L5. M. N. Horenstein, M. Mazumder, R. Sumner, J. Stark and O. Saddar. Modeling of Trajectories in an Electrodynamic Screen for Obtaining Maximum Particle Removal Efficiency

N. Biological and Medical Applications

N1. J. Leary. Electrostatic Interactions of Nanoparticles with Cells for Drug/Gene Delivery

N2. W. M. Arnold. Microfluidic Implementation of Electrophoretic Analysis, Using Electrokinetic Injection of the Sample

N3. S. M. Lyons, M. A. Harrison and S. E. Law. Sanitizing Food Handling Surfaces by Electrostatically Deposited Antimicrobial Sprays

N4. R. Sundararajan, R. Rajendran, S. Shahid, S. Kanagaraj, S. Radhakrishnan, P. Kathirvel, V. Sundaresan, V. K. Udayakumar, R. Ramachandran, A. Natarajan and K. Sankaranarayanan. Effect of Irreversible Electroporation on Anti-Proliferation Control of Fibroblasts


O. Atmospheric Applications

O1. G. Schmieg. Review of Hazards of Static when around Flammable Gases

O2. A. R. Akande, M. Sow, A. Zimmerman, D. J. Lacks, R. M. Sankaran. Role of polarization and charge on the levitation of a single particle in an electric field

O3. I. Pathak. A New Consideration in Elementary Electrostatics