2010 Annual Meeting
of the ESA

June, x-y, 2010

University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Proceedings of the 2010 ESA Annual Meeting on Electrostatics

June 22-24, 2010
University of North Carolina, Charlotte

General Chair: Prof. Maciej Noras, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Technical Chair: Prof. Daniel J. Lacks, Case Western Reserve University

A. Atmospheric and Space Applications I                                      

A1. G. T. Delory. Electrical Phenomena on the Moon and Mars

A2. M. D. Hogue. Triboelectrification of Granular Matter as a Function of Particle Count

A3. H. K. LeeEvaluation of Odor Treatment for discharge plasma by using ceramic tube

A4. N. Farnoosh, K. Adamiak, G. S. P. Castle. 3-D Numerical Simulation of Particle Concentration Effect on a Single-Wire ESP Performance for Collecting Poly-dispersed Particles


B. Materials Processing

B1. K. A. Forward, G. C. Rutledge. Free Surface Electrospinning

B2. M. Nystrom, M. Murtomaa, J. Salonen. Fabrication of amorphous pharmaceutical materials by electrospraying into reduced pressure

B3. A. Ieta, J. Primrose, D. Quill, M. Chirita, S. Allen.  Electrospray Onset Study of Water-Ethanol Mixtures


C. Materials I

C1. H. Berndt. Electrostatic discharge (ESD) -- Sources of electrostatic charges in a production line (smt)

C2. A. R. Akande. The electrification of polymers by metals through repeated non-sliding and sliding mode of contact

C3. S. Bian, C. J. Angammana, Shesha H.Jayaram. Use of Electrospinning to Improve the Dispersion of Inorganic Nanofillers in Silicone Rubber

C4. R. Pham, K. M. Forward, R. C. Virnelson, R. M. Sankaran, D. J. Lacks. Triboelectric charging of identical materials by asymmetric rubbing

C5. C. Dykstra,T. Salameh, I. Camarillo, F. Xiao, R. Sundararajan. Enhanced Doxorubicin Uptake in Malignant Breast Cells using Electrical Pulses


D. Atmospheric and Space Applications II

D1. C. I. Calle, C.D. Immer, J. Ferreira, M.D. Hogue, A. Chen, C.R. Buhler, S.J. Snyder, N. Vansuetendael. Integration of the Electrodynamic Dust Shield on a Lunar Habitat Demonstration Unit

D3. L.  Dascalescu, M. Plopeanu, B. Tabti, A. Antoniu, L.-M. Dumitran, P. V. Notingher. Corona Charging of Composite Non-Woven Media for Air Filtration

D4. D. Patel, L. Zhao. Active Disturbance Rejection Control of Doubly-Fed Induction Generator during Voltage Dip

F. Liquids and flows

F1.  F. Kremer, A. Serghei, J. R. Sangoro, M. Treb, E. U. Mapesa.  Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy in Nano-(Bio)-Physics

F2. P. Cervenka, J. Hrdlicka, M. Pribyl, D. Snita. Study on Faradaic and Coulombic interactions at microelectrodes utilized in AC electroosmotic micropumps

F3. J. Zhang, F. C. Lai. Effect of Emitting Electrode Number on the Performance of EHD Gad Pump in a Rectangular Channel

F4. R. Tirumala, D. B. Go. The Assisted Corona Discharge: Multi-Electrode Configurations and the Effects on EHD Flows


G. Energy

G1. E. R. Post, K. Waal. Electrostatic Power Harvesting in Textiles

G2. K. K Chedella, L. Zhao, Z. Zhang.  Modeling of a Small Stand-Alone AC System with the Dynamic Models of Fuel Cells and Solar Panels

G3. M. Reznikov. Electrostatic Swing Energy Harvester

G4. K. Sakai. Electrostatic force that acts on non-sphere shape charged conductors

G5. J. R. Alston, J. C. Poler. Electrostatic Binding Studies of dinuclear Ruthenium based Supramolecular Scaffolds


H. Materials II

H1. M. W. Forney, J. C. Poler. Carbon nanotube based nanoelectromechanical actuators

H2. R. Baba, C. J. Angammana, S. H. Jayaram, L. T. Lim. Electrospinning of Alginate and Poly-ethylene Oxide Blends Using Pulsed Electric Fields to Fabricate Chopped Nanofibres

H3. M. Sow, D. J. Lacks, R. M. Sankaran. Effects of material stress on triboelectric charging

H4. N. Toljic, K. Adamiak, G. S. P. Castle. Three-Dimensional Numerical Studies on the Effect of the Particle Charge to Mass Ratio Distribution in the Electrostatic Coating Process

I. Biological and Medical Applications

I1. W. M. Arnold. Dielectrophoretic Cell Separation: Some Hints and Kinks

I2. J. Roine, M. Murtomaa, J. Salonen. Electroencapsulation of Mesoporous Silicon Particles for Controlled Oral Drug Delivery

I3. K.  Sankaranarayanan, R. P. Ramachandran, M. S. Kumar, V. M. Kumar, S. Vignesh , V. Malini , J. C. M. Renny, S. Guhathakurta, K.M. Cherian, A. Natarajan, R. Sundararajan. Electro-Molecular Therapy using Adult Mesenchmal Stem Cells

I4. R. Beleca, M. Abbod, W. Balachandran. Electrostatic Properties of DPI Dispensed Drug Aerosols in a Human Upper Airway Model


K. Forces and Fields

K1. P. Watson, R. J. Prance, S. T. Beardsmore-Rust, A. Aydin, H. Prance. Imaging the microscopic properties of dielectrics via potential and charge

K2. K. Robinson. Force on a Dielectric Sphere near a Grounded Conducting Plate

K3. B. P. Seaver , A. E. Seaver. The Electric Field Produced by a Non-Conducting Web of Finite Size

K4. P. Sattari, G.S.P. Castle, K. Adamiak. Numerical Simulation of Trichel Pulses in a Negative Corona Discharge in Air


L. Breakdown and Discharge

L1. W. D. Greason. Review of the Effect of ESD in MEMS

L2. W. Steinman. Evaluating the Effectiveness of a CDM ESD Control Program

L3. C. J. Angammana, S. H. Jayaram. A Modified Electrospinning Method for Conductive and Insulating Materials