2010 Annual Meeting
of the ESA

June, x-y, 2010

University of North Carolina, Charlotte

About the ESA
The ESA is a nonprofit professional society devoted to the advancement and improved understanding of electrostatics.
The ESA was founded in 1970, when 30 scientists working in the field of electrostatic phenomena were invited by A. D. Moore, Vincent Schaefer and Bernard Vonnegut to an informal conference to discuss their interests. The conference was a great success, and the participants decided to continue this meeting on an annual basis. The Electrostatics Society of America was proposed and formally came into existence on August 17, 1970. The ESA often interacts with other organizations involved with electrostatic phenomena.
ESA Officers:
Shesha Jayaram, University of Waterloo

Vice President:
Maciej Noras, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Steve Cooper, Mystic Tan, Inc.

Newsletter Editor:
Mark Zaretsky, Kodak

Executive Council:
David Go, University of Notre Dame
Poupak Mehrani, University of Ottawa
Raji Sundararajan, Purdue University

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ESA Constitution

ESA President's Message
Electrostatics is an exciting area of science, as its most basic scientific questions remain unknown and highly controversial ... and yet its consequences are widespread. For example, the identity of the species transferred to generate charge when materials rub is being hotly debated in the leading scientific journals – some researchers argue that it is electrons, others that it is ions, and yet others that it is bits of material. This electrical charging leads to the most dramatic phenomena in nature, such as lightning, and has important consequences in virtually all areas of technology, including digital printing, microelectronics processing, space exploration, air purification and medical treatments. The Electrostatics Society of America connects scientists, engineers and educators whose work addresses fundamental studies and technological applications involving electrostatics. Our annual conference is the premier venue for presentations of electrostatics research, bringing together experts from all over the world. Please contact me if you would like to find out more about our society. 

-Dan Lacks, daniel.lacks@case.edu