The Electrostatics Society of America (ESA) is the central forum for technical interaction between scientists, engineers and educators involved in electrostatic phenomena.

Join the ESA: Membership is open to all those working in the field of electrostatics.  Many ESA members are from outside the United States.

The Annual Meeting of the ESA is held in June, in a different city each year
The ESA aims to advance communication between professionals involved in the field of electrostatics. The annual conference of the ESA includes technical presentations on all aspects of electrostatics, and the proceedings from the conference are published.  The bimonthly ESA newsletter highlights news and upcoming events relevant to the electrostatics community.  ESA awards are given to leaders in the electrostatics field. The ESA is also involved in outreach programs to communicate the field of electrostatics to the public.

Next Meeting:

2023 Annual Meeting
Memphis, Tennessee USA
June 25-29, 2023